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What is a Folio box? Wheaton, Winfield, Glen Ellyn Photographer – Beautiful Photography Prints and Products



















One of my favorite products is my handmade folio box.  What exactly is a folio box, you ask?  Well, it is an 11×14 beautifully handmade, customized box to hold all of your matted prints from your session.  You can display it on your coffee table, on a desk, on a sofa table, etc.  The reason why I love this product is because you can use it in so many ways!  Not only is it a beautiful way to hold your prints, but you can also take out your matted prints and:

  1. display them on a little easel
  2. frame them and put them on the wall
  3. gift them to family
  4. switch out the prints for a different look from time to time
  5. simply keep them in the beautiful box

The depth of the box depends on how many prints you buy.  They hold up to 30 prints from your session but you can get a smaller box for just 6 prints, my smallest collection.  And, you decide the fabric and color of your box to go along with the decor in your home.

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